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 Already established identity of Ben & Jerry's
 clockwise: categories, menu, data, teacher tools
 Class mate critique: Too busy, things such as background and illustrations are competing against one another. Simplify. 
 log in 
 page after login. This is the district stats page showing your district's ranking compared to others. Your district will be highlighted in pink.
 calendar for Recycle-A-Ton related important dates.  Anything added will sync to your personal calendar of your device as well.  click + to add any events.
 Simple chart that visually shows the users how their district is doing overall with in each categories. Right now it is under "cans"
 when the lower "stats" is pressed, the category stats page will show the user in detail the amount of containers, pounds, watts, and money they have saved that day.
 when the page is swiped left/right, it changes to a different category.   Now we are in "plastic"
 Swipe again, and it is now "glass"
 When progress button is pressed, it shows the cronological order of each day's weight of the box 
 Swipe left, and now it is "cardboard"
 Swipe again and now we are in "paper"
 Menu is visable when user will hold and drag from the left side towards the right. 
 Teacher tools is a mini teacher aid about anything one needs to know about recycling
 short interesting educational facts that will awe the students
 Lessons that teachers can put into their recycling cirriculum 
 Quizzes that teachers or students can take to see their knowledge on things they have learned
 Promotional ice cream flavor. "eco-conut" 
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