Hello there. I'm Akane Fujii, illustrator, designer, doodler, and cat enthusiast. 

(Ah-kah-neh Fu-jee-ee)

Born in Niigata Japan and raised here in Washington, I am a fusion of Japan and America. Raised by Japanese calligrapher parents, I naturally started drawing at age 3 and fell in love with art.

Proud Western Washington University graduate in Bellingham with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Post grad, I have pursued my passion for creating and designing. From waking up at 2AM to make delicious croissants to custom picture framing I truly enjoy learning new skills on top of graphic designing..

“But what can you do?”

Excellent question! I can do the following:

  • Visual Identity and Branding

  • Advertisements

  • Illustration (murals, tattoo, posters, invitation cards, and more!)

  • Custom picture framing- from design to production

  • Art production

  • Doesn’t fit into anything above? (Let me take a crack at it!)

email me:

Find me on Instagram: akane_fujii_creative