I noticed that many aromatherapy products are geared towards females. This is why I wanted to make a unisex design that both genders will be comfortable using.  1st attempt:  Too angular and focused on color. Not relaxing looking like aromatherapy should be
 2nd attempt  Too busy with the type, and the type face for the number is not working
 attempt 3  Changed font and color  Still very busy: must simplify
 Final design: much cleaner look
 Laser cut wooden box.   Wood because in many cultures, things in wooden boxed shows natural beauty, elegance and importance.
 Inside:  Burlap is wrapped around eye mask for people who might want to use this while sleeping.  Direction is matching the bottle to unify objects.
 Bottle is gently resting on thin piece of wood to show gentleness. 
Point of Purchase
 Planks showing numbers to intrigue audience from far way.  Bottom to top: concentrated scent tester, labels, bottles, and planks
 The bottle is on the highest part because oftentimes the tester bottles which are pricey to replace, children tends to play with it. By placing it higher, it is out of reach.
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